Tips to Teach Class 1 Maths to Kids


Class 1 is the first stage of learning when kids are introduced to simple arithmetic sums and problems. They start learning simple concepts of subtraction, multiplication and addition in Grade 1. Class 1 Maths is one of the most important subjects and it creates a base for children for higher classes. As beginners, they should be taught these sums in a simple manner so that a solid foundation is built from an early stage. Parents and teachers should teach them using simple methodologies so that children are able to grasp knowledge easily. They should be assigned simple problems so that they can try solving those on their own.

While teaching kids, both parents at home and educators in school should remember not to confuse the children by teaching them advanced methods of learning Maths. By doing so, you may end up confusing the child and he/she might lose interest in the subject completely. Class 1 Maths is a fun subject to learn. The Class 1 Maths textbook is filled with numbers and simple addition and subtraction sums. They should be taught using Maths Worksheets for Class 1 that have easy-to-solve problems and are made to practice from those activity sheets for better understanding.

Here are some tips how to teach your first grader to practice Class 1 Maths:

  1. Introducing basic sums: Being an interesting subject, Class 1 Maths is filled with numbers, simple sums and arithmetic problems. Teach young ones simple sums such as adding 1+1 =2 or subtracting 3-2=1. This will help them to grasp an understanding of the use of numbers.
  2. Counting numbers using fingers: Teach kids to count numbers with the help of their little fingers. Inculcate the habit of counting numbers on their fingers. This will help to remember how to calculate different numbers with the help of their hands and use it in future while solving a problem. Even now you may notice some adults use their fingers to calculate numbers.
  3. Use physical objects: Ensure to use everyday objects to teach numbers to your kids. For instance, you can use buttons, coins, books, fruits, bowls, toys, etc. to teach counting numbers to kids. Maths is an easy subject to teach kids when you explore all the physical objects that help them to count, add, subtract or multiply.
  4. Implement pictorial examples: Kids can be taught Class 1 Maths that comprises numbers and sums with the help of Maths Worksheets. Maths Worksheets for Class 1 help them to learn the basic mathematical concepts easily that are explained through colourful pictures, images and puzzles. Kids tend to show interest in learning new things only when they find it attractive enough to learn. Teaching your kids through images and pictures is a wonderful way to help them have an in-depth understanding of the various mathematical concepts.

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