How to Buy an Engagement Ring the Love of Your Life Will Love

While the course of true love runs deep, it also doesn’t run cheap. You’ve decided you want to spend the rest of your life with this one person so now you’re planning the proposal and of course, the ring. Those months and months of saving and scrimping are finally paying off and now here you are sitting in front of your computer ready to get her that betrothal bauble but instead, you’re stumped and clearly have no idea what to get.

Most engaged couples these days do away with the element of surprise and go engagement ring shopping together, just so no one ends up not loving what they get. After all, it is a ring she’ll be wearing every day and although it will soon be replaced by a wedding ring, a woman’s innate sentimentality dictates that she wear both her engagement and wedding ring so both should not only be perfect, both should be something she will love almost as much as she loves you.

However, the perfect ring is not something that you just pick out at random or pick out because it was the biggest and the most brilliant of the bunch. Truth to tell, it will take a lot of trying on diamonds of various cuts and shapes, as well as checking out different settings in order to come up with something halfway decent. Most couples also opt to design their own rings either with wholesale diamonds or going to online jewelry sites that allow you to design your own rings and choosing your diamonds based on your preferred price range.

Whether you prefer to build your own ring from scratch or buy them already pre-set and pre-designed, you will need to remember a few important things if you really want to surprise your intended with an engagement ring she’ll love and one that will leave no room for doubt in her heart of the love you have for her.

The first thing you need to do is pay attention. When you go out on dates and those Sunday night dinners at her parents’ house, take note of the jewelry she wears, like does she love wearing white gold, platinum, or silver bands? Take note as well of her jewelry style because this is usually a giveaway of what she might want for her engagement ring – is she the type to go for classic, contemporary or vintage-style rings? The best indication of her tastes in jewelry will be what you see her wearing every day and every time because they are what she feels most comfortable with.

Next, rack your brains for any conversations you’ve had about Lab grown diamonds. Has she hinted about any of her likes and dislikes? If not, take her shopping on the pretense of say, buying your mother a birthday gift, making sure you stop by the display of engagement rings. Another thing to remember is don’t assume that all women love diamonds because there are some who prefer other gemstones like rubies, sapphires or emeralds.

As long as you’re by the ring displays, you may also want to encourage her to try out a few rings, all the while taking note of what looks good on her finger. It will also give you an idea of what she likes as far as settings and shape goes. While most women prefer the round cut, there are a significant few who like the less popular but nevertheless beautiful cuts like the marquise, pear-shaped or emerald cut.

Take into consideration as well her lifestyle when you are shopping for the perfect engagement ring. If she works at a job where fancy jewelry is out of place or if she works with her hands most of the time, a high-prong setting might not work out and can be hard to care for so you should maybe save that type of ring to wear during special occasions only. As for getting her ring size, you can pretend to drop off a ring at the jeweler’s for cleaning and have the jeweler size the ring for you for free.

The most important thing to remember, however, is to consider your budget. Impressing you’re beloved need not mean breaking the bank and also, with a little patience, you will find that there a lot of affordable options these days like loose diamonds or wholesale diamonds for one. Remember that what will matter is the effort you put into trying to present her with the best symbol of your love and that alone will get her to say “yes”.

Shopping for the perfect Engagement Rings Melbourne is easy whether you build them from scratch or buy them pre-set as long as you know what you want and more importantly what your lady will love.

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