Experience movie-inspired glamour at Bollywood Parks Dubai

For decades and decades, Bollywood – the Hindi-language segment of the Indian film industry – has fascinated the world with life-size appearances. If Madhuri Dixit’s dance steps, the violent battle sequences of Salman Khan or Shahrukh Khan’s iconic romantic style; Bollywood has received acclaim, love and admiration from viewers all over the world. Bollywood Parks near Bulgari Residences Dubai are wonderfully fun theme parks that pay tribute to the highly effective film industry’s continuing legacy.

About Bollywood Parks in Dubai

This theme park is part of the Dubai Parks & Resorts, home to Legoland and Motiongate Dubai. It’s an incredible homage to Bollywood’s glamorous extravagance, including Indian superheroes, popular Hindi movies, and a huge number of memorable figures.

Dubai residents can see the brightly coloured world of Mumbai’s famous film industry at the world’s first Bollywood Park in Dubai. The Bollywood Park events, which have been held throughout the year, are a spectacular show attended by many eager fans.

Zones of Bollywood Parks in Dubai

It can be categorised into five main types:

  • Mumbai Chowk
  • Royal Plaza
  • Bollywood Boulevard
  • Rustic Ravine
  • Bollywood Film Studios

You will explore five different worlds influenced by Bollywood’s greatest movies and characters. From the vivid recreations of the streets of Mumbai to the exciting 3D rides influenced by Indian superheroes, Bollywood Parks Dubai has plenty of fun experiences to enjoy.

Mumbai Chowk

Any discussion of Bollywood is incomplete without speaking about the famous Indian city of Mumbai. Bollywood fans in Dubai could surely not miss the chance to revive the spirit of Mumbai. This area allows you to experience the popular street life, food, shopping and party atmosphere of Mumbai.

Fans of the ‘Don’ series, starring Shah Rukh Khan, would love the character-inspired 3D ride of this famous Dubai theme park. You can also recreate the old romantic Bollywood tracks on the Mumbai Express, where classical tunes are played on the train’s rooftop platform.

Royal Plaza

If you’re looking for spectacular musical performances in Bollywood Parks, this is the place to be! Witness the Royal Palace in the form of the magnificent Rajmahal Theater, where many popular shows are presented, including the classic ‘Jaan-e-Jigar.’

This thrilling activity in Bollywood Parks offers you two hours of action-packed fun, along with a wonderful musical that takes you to the royal city of Ishqabad. This fairy storey of wonder, mystery, and drama comes to life with live music and background music.

Bollywood Boulevard

This place is all about live concerts, friendly cafés and bright colours. Bollywood Boulevard will lead you back to the old days of the ‘60s, ‘70s and 80’s when the first Hindi movie big stars ruled over the silver screen.

‘Crossroads’ is the main draw in this region that hosts flamboyant performances of famous dance numbers. This zone offers you a snapshot of the success of India’s magnificent film industry.

Rustic Revine

The real spirit of rural India comes alive in the Rustic Ravine. This zone embraces India’s local culture portrayed in popular films such as Lagaan, Sholay and Dabangg. Dubai inhabitants will relive the iconic cricket match of Lagaan by supporting Bhuvan and his team as they take British Raj on a motion simulator ride at Bollywood Parks Dubai, ‘Lagaan – Thrill of Victory.’

You will also witness Sholay’s glory by riding an immersive 3D carousel and empowering yourself with an infrared pistol as you search for Bollywood’s most dazzling goon, Gabbar Singh. Make sure to play with your mates to score the most songs.

Bollywood Film Studios

One of the most famous rides in Bollywood Parks Dubai is a multi-sensory 4D theatre experience with India’s most beloved superhero, Krish. A rare favourite with children, you’re going to ride across the clouds, enjoy spectacular views of India’s stunning landmarks, before seeing an epic war to save the planet from the alien invasion. Kids will experience the immersive universe of Ra.ONE, too.

Later, you will go to the real world of Rangmanch for the popular ‘Banjara,’ dances performed by the nomadic tribes of India, and watch the real ‘Nautanki,’ which is similar to a spooky street show. To give the setting a sense of realism, these shows occur in open-air venues, much as they will be portrayed in classic Indian movies.

These are some of the top Bollywood Parks in Dubai. When you plan to buy villa in Dubai, you would never want to miss out on these places. Get your villa today and revive the Bollywood junkie inside you!

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