Betting any Way and Location

Betting any Way and Location

Two of the most common types of bets in the industry are each way and place betting. They are both simply bets covering a multitude of outcomes, each with different pay-outs depending on where the bet ends.


Betting Either Way

Any Way Betting Slip Each betting method is actually two bets rolled into one. The format is very straightforward in that your bet is simply split in half, with one half going on the winning bet for your selection and the other half going on your selection ending in a certain number of places (for example, 1st, 2nd or 3rd). Since the style of each race matches the bet perfectly, the sport in which it is most widely used is horse racing; let’s use horse racing to research an example:

Imagine each way you back a horse and you are staking £ 10 at 10/1 odds. £5 of that bet would go to win on that horse and £5 of that bet would go to finish on that horse in a certain number of positions. The number of horses in the race will decide in what order the horse must finish outside the winning spot to claim the place award for the second part of the bet (the place); for certain races it will be top 4 places paid out a quarter of the original odds. What location counts as a ‘site’ may differ in basic terms.Let ‘s say the horse we helped went on to win the race. So, £5 of the bet on the win would be good and this would mean we would earn £ 50 profit at odds of 10/1. It will also win the second half of the bet (place bet), and the odds for that were 1/5 (usually 1/5 or 1/4), returning a profit of £ 10. Overall, we’d get £ 60 out of this bet and a total return of £ 70 (including stake).Now let’s assume the horse is third. We lose out on winning part of the bet so that £ 5 stake is lost, but as the horse finished inside the top 4, we can still assert on the position part. So our other £5 will pay out at odds of 1/5 (one fifth of the initial odds), resulting in a £ 10 benefit for our position bet and a total return of £ 15. Overall, thus, we’re already £ 5 up.In this case, if the same horse finished outside the top four places or outside the amount of places being paid, then the bet will be completely lost.

Place wagering

Every Way Betting PlacesPlace betting is a similar idea, with the exception that the bet is a single bet for the horse to finish only within the number of places highlighted. Due to the increased number of finishing positions that count as a winning bet, the odds will be less than that of a bet to win, but every qualifying finishing position will pay out exactly the same, so if the horse comes in first or fourth, your benefit will be the same.For example, for our spot bet, we help a golfer to finish in the top 5 positions of a tournament. If they finish inside these top 5 slots, we win our bet at fixed odds in any order. We actually lose the bet if they finish outside the top 5.

V Place betting either way

Betting Ticket Football TV Each betting strategy will always be the bet that gives you the greatest return on investment when you succeed. The fact that your bet is divided into two means that the chances of a greater return are improved, not just because you have two chances of winning statistically, but because the winning bet pays out at the original (higher) odds than the associated place bet.A good time to use these kinds of bets is when you endorse something that you think has a very good chance of winning, but just in case something goes wrong, you want the protection of a position, so you might at least make a few pounds if the win doesn’t go your way.On the other hand, place betting is typically known to be a far safer bet than betting each way, since it will normally give you better odds as a single than the quarter odds you will get for each way bet for the place portion.When you think your pick has a decent chance of finishing in the place positions, these types of bets are decent, but due to a strong favourite who is much more likely to walk away with the victory, it is impossible to win.

Betting by sport each way and position
Depending on the sport you are betting on, the two ways of betting can work very differently. Below, we have illustrated some of the most common examples from a variety of different sports that you can find.


Football The betting on tournament winners and even the first goalscorer market are two of the most UFABET  common markets in football. An each way bet will have a certain cut-off point as to how many places it pays out on the position part of the bet while betting on which team you think will win a certain tournament. Usually, what you’ll find is that for the place bet to pay out, a team would need to make the final, which basically means a top 2 finish. This will certainly impact the odds for the position bet, but you should expect them to be about 1/3rd of the odds taken.If the player you have helped fails to score the first goal, but goes on to score the second, betting on the first goalscorer market would always assist you. Again, the odds for the position bet will be about 1/3rd of the initial bet if this happens.

Racing a horse

Horse Racing The number of horses in the race in horse racing can decide how many places are paid out for bets either way and place bets. As a general rule, you would expect to see 3 places paid for most races that have 8 or more horses, and races with 13 or more runners will see 4 places paid, but this differs from bookmaker to bookmaker. In fact, as part of a promotion they are running, bookmakers will sometimes increase the number of paying places for certain races, so keep an eye out for those.The overall winning market is the main market for these types of bets and this is where these bets will be most common in horse racing.


GolfGolf functions just the same as other sports in that the position bet would highlight a specified number of participants. Owing to the large number of players in each tournament (often over 150), this varies slightly, so the number of places increases slightly, with most bookmakers providing 6 places to be paid for each betting route and location.Again, for this form of bet, you are looking at the outright winner of a tournament that is the most common. There is, however, one significant thing to take into account with golf that you don’t get with all other sports; shooting the same score is not uncommon for players, resulting in them finishing tied for that position.If this occurs, then dead heat laws apply and the equation for the pay out will be calculated by the number of people tied to that place. If 2 players are tied for one spot, for example, then your stake will be divided by 2. Your stake is third if there are 3 teams, and so on.This does not apply to the winner overall. Also through a play-off if necessary, an outright winner will still occur.

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